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her. As I walked through the door and saw men with their backs to the door in a conversation with another man inside. I heard people say something like : ". I was so close, could have played " saw the man in mand come and asked them to come out to your friend. The man in the bathroom was about 45yrs old and had some weight. The first man turned around and apologized when he stepped on one side. I was about 35yrs old. The second man began the conversation as if I was not there. "Yes...... I have not seen anything as good as they have for some time. The first replied," Yes...... Frenchies and bald. " They both laughed and headed for the door, leaned out and one of them and one pornoadler asked if " she " was there. He said, ' It is past time....... Nah. " I was tempted for the call, determine the jist of the conversation, fascinated. It was as if I had been given the answers and the questions had to guess. The two men ventured into the parking lot and stood before the pornoadler toilet without special place to go. at first I thought maybe he was gay, but extended the conversation between the two. I was washing my hands under running cold water and heard scolding, but I have all the talk, ".. ........ bare ass and French lingerie. What outcome. ' Yes.... 'He said the big guy who masturbate more than one for some time, "he continued. Other. " I'm sure I could smell when she bent down. I was so close that she has a coupling of the fingers. "I would say the greatest man cos it was not very happy," he said, "Yes, dammit, I could have let me see, was all that one flash of her ass when she pulled pornoadler her panties. " Then I realized than they were. I was shocked and amazed to think that she, Jane, Jane, and my talk, there were some wh
Quotes looked to Jane, while in the bathroom Sat looked at my cabin and saw that it was attached to the wall between the lords and ladies loo. My mind was in a turn, but I had to look inward. the cabin as you expect it was dirty and full of graffiti, but there were several holes pornoadler cut into the plaster wall. the greatest of these was at the headquarters of about a centimeter in diameter, and clearlyopen mind to see it in the cab in front of the ladies. How could I not see that hole? Or maybe they did it. For a split second the comments made by man came to me and that I can see right through the hole made ​​me picture after picture of Jane in various states of undress. Shock and horror, lust and sex and the more I realized, is now compatible with a great drive. I turned around and pornoadler left the bathroom, the two men were standing outside, of course, talking about the main event of the evening. I returned the car in a dream and a lump in my pants. I asked Jane what was the toilet as well. In fact, as she said it was dirty and generally not used to it, pornoadler but I was so desperate to be, but added that he had had his butt on the seat and bend over to pass by. Do not take the matter no longer observed, but the images of two men who haunt Jane with her ​​jeans and panties in the ankles and her bare ass onlyInches from his face sends shivers through my body. Even now, these photos give me an instant erection. Jane I think about getting off the pants off the two strangers. I have not mentioned this to Jane, but the momentum is there for it to sink in one of our fantasies of a night. I live in hope that he knew someone looking through the hole, and back and when she thinks she is tough always the same goose bumps when I do.


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Please explain. I've always been married to Jane for 16 years and have had a pretty good sex life with lots of variety in the form of fantasies, dressing, etc.. Jane is a woman of average proportions of their marriage standard, 5 '8 ", No. 11, 34IN breasts, shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes. I also like the more red -blooded men, like my wife carry straps and bless your heart rate regularly Jane his pubic hair shaved and wears braces, which gives me additional stress, but I've never been one to share it with have been different with someone to think, nor do I have to remember our fantasies that third person -. until recently that is. down we go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon in a canal near a place called Odiham. we were on the road and a few hours and again in the parking lot before the light began to fade. When Jane ran across the parking lot mentioned that she could do with the toilet and as luck would have it, there was a small toilet on the other andmeetings of the parking lot. When Jane came back to the car in the glove bag filled with tissue paper prempting no toilet paper. As they did so I asked pornoadler if I wanted to come with us. I thought for pornoadler a second or pornoadler two, but I said that was fine. Then, as you make your way across the parking lot and the last I saw of her was when she entered the ladies bathroom. I sat there for a few minutes and thought to myself, I think I'll go if it was taken shortly after the way home. I got up, locked the car and walked across the parking lot. I had seen across the parking pornoadler lot, as Jane gave me the key, as we said, passing her, I thought it would be better if I go a. When I went to the door way to the bathroom, I heard the voice of a man talking and laughing toget